Why do I get a not authorized error using Sign in with Slack?

Please be aware that you cannot use the "Sign in with Slack" function using a Slack Guest account. If you try, you'll get a slightly cryptic error that you are not authorized.

When you get redirected to the Slack login page, make sure to use a Slack account of a workspace where you are full member.

Then how do I access Loqs of an organization where I am only a guest in their Slack workspace?

1. Simply use Loqbooq in the Slack app of the workspace you are guest in
2. Or register with your email address on loqbooq.app and ask the Loq owner to to invite you with your email address

In case you end up with two accounts (your Slack guest account and your web account), these cannot automatically be merged for Slack guest accounts. Please send us an email and we can manually merge your accounts.

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